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COVID-19 Antibody Test

The new standard for testing for COVID-19 is the antibody testing. We offer a point of care rapid test. This test is a fingerstick sample that shows results in 3-7 minutes. The essence of this test is it shows if the patient is currently infected, post infected, or has antibodies rendering them immune.

Depending on the size of the order and which brand is selected, the prices range from $17 to $30. All of our tests are submitted under the FDA EUA authorization. Do not accept an imposter. We have intentionally priced our units at bare minimums so make it easier for governments, medical facilities, nursing facilities, employers, churches, or any group to be able to provide testing at the lowest cost. Individuals are allowed to purchase a single case of 25 tests, however, these tests are not marketed for in home use as of 5 May 2020. The results need to be coordinated and reported to the patients' providers so it can be reported to the CDC. Until this testing is completed on a massive scale, we will have difficulty getting our states open again.

Contact us to schedule a presentation of how the test works. Information can be sent to appropriate personnel as well.

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